Episode 8

What is your favourite children’s book?

Today we are talking mainly about children’s books. What makes children’s books special? What makes a children’s book special and what are our favourite children’s books? Not only do we talk about our favourite books, but we also talk about how Lubina, as a children’s author, brings children’s books to life. In summary, the most important thing about a children’s book is that it is made with love. So it has enchanting illustrations, tells a story that is unforgettable and overall simply conveys emotions.

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“What is your favorite book?”

Branko Hajduk

Branko Hajduk



When I was a little child, I had two books that totally fascinated me. One was The Voyages of Ulysses, which I read every evening with my father, philosophising about it and acting out every single passage. The second book I liked so much was Der Lange Lulatsch (The Long Loin) – I think it was a totally old GDR children’s book about the problems of such a tall person and the team spirit of his friends. After those great children’s books, I didn’t read much for a long time, but now I’m slowly getting back into it, although I prefer reading business books, autobiographies or interesting themed books.