Episode 5

Every child tells its own story  – how can I hear it?

Lubina, Branko and Rachel talked a lot about her job as a doctor/therapist and how she helps individual children to release their blocks and perhaps also bring a little more perspective into their lives.

We ask ourselves the questions: At what point can children reflect? How does a child deal with inner pain? Why is parenting one of the most important things?

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“What are the most amazing moments in working with kids?“

Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers

Art Psychotherapist

I consider it a privilege to do the work I do, so, in that sense there are many amazing moments. Working with kids always brings delights, surprises and challenges, I guess the most amazing moments are when we find connection in our play and creativity, where a child’s journey through the therapeutic process becomes our journey. The child leads and I am a kind of faithful companion, offering guidance when needed, but essentially exploring and discovering with the child. 

It is amazing to see how children work through their difficulties in their play, when they create a story that enables them to express their inner world, and in so doing, they ask and answer their own questions, through the metaphor of story. There is great healing potential in this process.

It is amazing to see a child who was afraid to play or make marks on paper to gradually become more curious and adventurous. When I see this, it is often accompanied by reports from home or school, that the child is coping better, just seems happier, or has made a friend.

The best thing is to witness their genuine pleasure and happiness as a child connects with their own creativity and playfulness – to see their creative and emotional language grow.