Episode 4

How does a child perceive its outside world?

In this episode we had Jonas Happ from Hamburg with us on the Children and Books PodCast. It’s about the outside world of a child and how you can perceive something. Jonas told us a bit about the design process, the illustrations and the children’s book from his point of view. We also explored whether and how a child perceives its external world, what happens in the process and how, for example, an illustration affects a child.

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What do you think is important about the illustrations in our children’s books?

Lubina Hajduk

Lubina Hajduk



I think it’s really important that an illustration in a children’s book encourages children to think further. I like it when small details are still visible and that stimulates the children’s creativity. It is equally important that many colours are visible, that it is colourful and simply radiates joy. An illustration in a children’s book should also have a charisma, should convey an idea and is so much more than just a picture. Personally, I love to lose myself in detailed pictures and to find myself in ideas and thoughts that go beyond the written story.