Episode 9

How is an exciting animated film for children made?

Today on the Children and Books PodCast, Eliza Alvarez told us about her job as an animator and filmmaker for children’s animated films. She ha tuns explained how these films are produced, what excites her about them and the impact her own child had on them.

How is a children’s animated film made? What do I have to pay total attention to? What makes an animated film so magical? How long does it actually take for such a film to become visible to the public?

These are precisely the questions we have addressed in this episode.

Here you can here the episode:

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“What makes an exciting children’s animation film for you?”

Eliza Alvarez

Eliza Alvarez



What do you enjoy most about making children’s animation films? The reactions of children when they watch the film! What makes an exciting animated film for you? Authentic characters, lovingly unusual designs and of course the story.  Our website: https://www.blauepampelmuse.com/ Animation director and animator specialising in content for children. Master in Hispanic Literature and March 2019 Diploma in Animation at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Born in Poland, has lived in 11 cities from Norway to Portugal to Mexico. Shortly before closing, Eliza moved to Leipzig, where she is working on new projects with her animation collective Blauepampelmuse.