Episode 7

What is parenting like in other continents? – An interview with Eva

In this episode of the Children and Books PodCast, Branko and Lubina talk to Eva about her childhood in Tanzania and how she perceived parenting with her children. What were your customs? What were you responsible for as a child? Where did all your energy come from? And do you think it is important to grow up multilingual?

Here you can listen to the episode:

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“Was war das wichtigste für dich in der Kindererziehung?“

Lubina Hajduk

Lubina Hajduk


I experienced it that way from the beginning, so it was the most normal thing in the world for me. And then there were just two languages in my head – that’s a great gift when parents succeed. When you’re a child, it’s more intuitive and you can tell who you’re talking to and in which language. It’s only later – now as an adult – that I can feel, use and savour the differences between the languages. Because it’s usually more than just one language that you switch. It is a whole cultural world, a bit of a world view, which is also expressed through the language and is connected with it.