Episode 16

What makes children’s and youth theater so important?

What is it actually like for children and young people to act in plays? Today we talk to Stefanie Masnik about her experiences as an actress and dubbing artist. She tells us about her theater performances, about her film roles and what she did as a dubbing artist in the context of children and what that was like.
We talk about the following question:
What is the path to becoming an actor? What does it mean to work with children and young people in the theater? Why is theater so important for children and young people?

Have fun listening, we look forward to your feedback.

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About Stefanie:

Stefanie Masnik

Stefanie Masnik

Actress and dubbing actress

Stefanie Masnik was born on 3.10.1990 in Cottbus. In 2010 she began her acting studies in Berlin. Even before and during her studies, Stefanie acted as an extra and in small roles at the Staatstheater Cottbus. In addition to her work on stage, Stefanie Masnik writes dubbing books and lends her voice to international colleagues in film as a dubbing artist.

Her Website: https://stefanie-masnik.de