Episode 13

What was your childhood like as the daughter of such an important writer?

Behind every person who believes in them self is a parent who believed first. And that’s what we’re talking about today with Jenny England, what it was like for her to grow up as Joan Lingard’s daughter and carry these works with her.

She told us what it was like to grow up with such strong role models, to have so many exciting books at home and even what it was like to read her mother’s books in school.

Enjoy listening and we look forward to your feedback!

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“What inspires me most about children’s books?”

Jenny England and Joan Lingard

Jenny England and Joan Lingard

Mother and Daughter

What inspires me most about children’s books?
I’d actually like to use my mother’s words, she – Joan Lingard –  has published about 57 books (we have lost count) and is most renowned for her children’s books.
 ‘Life is limited; we inhabit one body, one mind and see through one pair of eyes. But by reading and writing, we can enter different worlds, get inside the skins of different people in different places, and, in so doing, push out the boundaries of our own lives. That is why I started to read and later to write’ 
 Joan Lingard
I couldn’t agree more, and this is made explicit in her work as the theme of connecting across difference and divide is a thread that runs through her books. By allowing us to enter into different and similar worlds fiction gives us the gift of empathy for ourselves and others. 
For more information about Joan Lingard: https://www.joanlingard.com/index.html