Episode 1

Why mother and son are recording a PodCast now?

Episode 00 is the most important of the Children and Books PodCast. We want to talk about parents, kids and parenting and most importantly: books! Who are we? We are Lubina Hajduk and Branko Hajduk, mother and son and we talk about our passion project. Surely, you can get to know us a little better here.

Here you can listen to our PodCast episode:

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How was the first recording for you Lubina?

Lubina Hajduk

Lubina Hajduk


The experience is similar to many that I have had in recent months. At first, I was faced with a completely new topic and the question of how to do it technically. With the help of Branko, all the technical problems could be solved little by little. You meet them only when you try – this is actually a motto of our whole project – try and solve problems. And – it works! My attitude has completely changed in this – it was really fun to talk through a Mikro connected.

Also linguistically – I could suddenly speak English again, it’s quite amazing how easily it came off my lips. I’ve gained so many new experiences in this short time, it’s crazy. And I revived old contacts because suddenly there was a new topic to talk about – the podcast and our whole venture. It’s nice to invite guests and talk to them. Everything revolves around books – exactly my thing!

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