Episode 11

WWhy you should just trust your inner child.

Just let it happen – Why unconditional basic trust is so incredibly important and what it does to children. That’s exactly what we talked about in today’s episode of the Children and Books PodCast with Bellinda.

She shared her experiences from her job as a therapist and also talked about what it was like for her to record our audio book – The Valley by the River :D”

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“What are the most memorable moments working as a drama therapist?”

Belinda Sherlock

Belinda Sherlock



It’s lovely to be asked about the most memorable moments as a dramatherapist! I’ll be honest, many of the moments that stay with me are the most challenging, complex ones; ones where I know I didn’t do things “right”, where I got deeply frustrated, or felt backed into a corner, or was faced with a seemingly impossible conundrum. But those moments were also moments of profound growth – and when they happen with clients, there’s something extraordinary that takes place as you survive the moment, reflect, repair and discover new ground in the therapeutic relationship. And in this work, shifts that might look tiny to the outsider feel huge to the therapist – witnessing someone play for the first time, tell a story for the first time, step out of their comfort zone, reveal some of their vulnerability, offer support to another group member, acknowledge a sense of feeling cared for. I can’t go into specifics, but I am grateful to all the clients I’ve ever worked with – the children, teenagers and adults – for continuing to teach me how resilient, resourceful and imaginative humans can be.